Travel Bubble between Australia & New Zealand

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has arguably brought Australia closer to our neighbours New Zealand than ever before.

After weeks of speculation, the Governments of both countries are in the process of creating a flight ‘travel bubble’ between the two island nations, which would allow Australians and New Zealanders to travel back and forth, and go for an elusive overseas holiday. 

While New Zealanders bring around $2.6bn to the Australian economy ever year, (which is dwarfed by that accumulated by Chinese and American tourists), it would still give the economy a real shot in the arm considering the current circumstance.  New Zealand will also benefit as tourism is the island nation’s biggest export earner and as the country is relaxing its lockdown rules, it may just be inevitable for tourism to recommence soon. The winter skiing season is also just around the corner, so that would incentivise Australians to want to visit New Zealand, and vice versa.

The travel bubble, while in progress, is also dependant on Australia reducing its amount of COVID cases and deaths to that of New Zealand. The latter of the two, being very successful in its fight against the virus with less than 1,500 cases and 21 deaths, compared to Australia’s cases numbering at nearly 7,000.  

At the moment, Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern have yet committed to a timetable.  The Australian Prime Minister Morrison has stated that he would rather see long distance domestic travel in Australia recommence before coming to a deal with his neighbour across the Tasman. Some in New Zealand though, appear more receptive to the idea, with NZ Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters reportedly a big fan, citing the recent arrival of the Auckland based Warriors rugby league team into Australia as a sign that a travel deal in the near future could very well be feasible. 

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We look forward to hearing from you! 

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