Benefits of Pedicure, Manicure and Massage

At Shire Shuttle Bus, we now have a new tour, the Ultimate Pampering Day Out Tour. On this tour, we’ll take your women’s group of 7-14 for a pedicure and manicure at the Endota Day Spa in Bowral before heading to the fantastic Southern Highlands wineries.

Since it’s part of the experience, what are the actual benefits that come from getting such a treatment of the hands and feet? Why don’t we have a look!

One benefit is that pedicure and manicure can help stimulate blood circulation to the point of the massage. In turn, boosts of oxygen help improve mobility in hands and feet and can also reduce any persisting joint pain.  Cardiologist Dr James Rippe of the American Journal Of Lifestyle Medicine has stated that foot massages putting your joints through different motions can help relieve stiffness.

Constant blood flow that one experiences from getting a manicure or pedicure also enhances the very health of the nails. Increased blood flow to the area means an increase in the nutrients that help keep your nails sustained.

Pedicures can also prevent infections. Constant moisturizing of the feet prevents cracks and infections from forming.  A pedicure can also help detect the early signs of nail diseases such as fungal infections, and thus prevent the infection from spreading.

During winter, manicures and pedicures can improve skin condition, as the cold air can often result in dry and flaky skin on the hands.  The relaxing massage during a manicure can feel a lot more pleasant than having to constantly reapply skin cream throughout the day. However, after having a pedicure or manicure, if you suffer from persistent dry skin, you’ll still need to regularly reapply the appropriate skin cream.

Along with all the physical benefits, pedicures and manicures can also greatly promote mental well being. The very setting itself relaxes the mind, body and emotions and can be of great therapy when dealing with anxiety and stress.

So ladies, for the perfect day of beneficial relaxing treatment down in the ambient Southern Highlands followed by a visit to your winery of choice where you’ll enjoy a meal and zesty wine tasting, why not book your group in for an Ultimate Pampering Day Out!

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