The benefits of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Seeking travel insurance is always an excellent idea for anyone wishing to travel overseas. It is especially important for those going on expensive overseas trips as you’ll already be paying a heap and don’t want to be inundated with extra high costs if the unexpected happens.

Some of the benefits of getting travel insurance include:

  1. Travel insurance can cover you under certain circumstances where health insurance policies cannot. Many Australian health insurance policies will not cover you in another country if you require hospitalisation or need a medical centre. Tending to medical emergencies in certain countries can be very expensive, and without enough insurance you could be left with heavy medical bills while on holidays, and no one wants that.
  2. By purchasing travel insurance, you can be sure that you will receive compensation if an accident occurs and you need to cancel your trip, or if you need to cut a trip short and return home.
  3. If any baggage, passports or other personal belongings while travelling overseas or domestically happen to be lost, travel insurance can provide compensation. However, this does not apply for every circumstance and a person would need to find out via their insurance company when they are eligible for compensation in the instance that an item of theirs is lost or stolen.
  4. You are covered under travel insurance in the case of dental emergencies. Dental care can be very expensive, so travel insurance will provide the peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to worry about such heavy costs.
  5. Travel insurance also covers for whatever the cost is for emergency treatment and accommodation overseas a person may require if they fall ill while on holidays.
  6. Travel insurance also covers for mishaps that may occur in remote locations, such as if a person were to collapse while hiking in thick forest and needed a rescue helicopter to transport them to the nearest hospital. Such medical assistance would otherwise incur a very high cost, even here in Australia.
  7. You will be covered by travel insurance during an accident where you are held legally accountable for damaging another person’s property or for causing another person an injury. You will also receive monetary assistance if you are involved in an accident with a hire car, and you won’t have to pay excess which can be very costly.
  8. In the cases of accidental death or of being made permanently disabled while travelling, the person insured, or their immediate beneficiary will be compensated. If a person were to pass away on an overseas trip, travel insurance will also cover the repatriation of the body, and no costs would be incurred on an already grieving family.
  9. Travel insurance can also monetarily compensate you for any value in frequent flyer points you may be unable to recover if you’ve paid for your flight wholly, or in part with your points.
  10. A great benefit of travel insurance is that it can cover the entire family, including dependents such as children or elderly persons. Just remember that during a trip only your family will receive any coverage and not extended relatives or in-laws from overseas.
  11. Travel insurance is rather flexible, and a customer can even wait up until the day before they depart to purchase it.
  12. Many travel agencies will even allow you to purchase your flight tickets and insurance simultaneously, so you can get both out of the way and not have it on your mind constantly.
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