Is Cronulla becoming another Surfers Paradise?

Parking is becoming a major problem in South Cronulla and with the  high density zoning along Ewos Parade to Richmount Street. The area is destined to become awash with cars  all looking for a space to park. Its like that now. WHAT HAPPENS WITH MORE UNITS GOING UP… . Weekends in summertime is a nightmare and after 5pm any day of the year its a major struggle . The developers may say they will provide underground parking but that does not solve the problem of increased traffic in an area that has only two ways in via Ewos Parade or Nicholson Parade and to make it even worse how many families and couples have more than one car. Being a Shuttle Bus operator I can see  a greater need for bus services. Residents need to have transport services whether private or government run on a regular basis, at short intervals to Cronulla railway station. Once the local community in South Cronulla realise a bus is running at say 10 minute intervals, confidence in the service will increase and they will be more likely to catch the bus to the station and leave their car at home. At least that will take some cars off the road that otherwise would be parked near the station taking up spaces that could be used by people wanting to visit Cronulla CBD for shopping ,dining and business purposes.

For a news article on Cronulla parking issues, head to the Leaders article here

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