Make sure you get an Accredited Charter Bus Operator

The shuttle bus industry is extremely competitive with many one man operators, the majority operating legally but unfortunately some are not. A few operators try to convey passengers in buses that are not registered correctly to avoid the 6 monthly heavy vehicle inspections by the  RMS and  insure themselves to a minimum or not at all. This puts the illegal operator into an  financial advantageous position with less overheads and allows him to offer ridiculously low prices. Besides the transport requirements of Registration, CTP, Comprehensive Insurance that provide protection to  passengers , general public and drivers alike, Accredited operators  will also carry Public Liability Insurance. Passengers should be aware if they fall or slip entering a bus and you are with a dodgy operator who does not have public liability they will be putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. With NO Public Liability Policy. The passenger will be questioning-How do you claim? I could be in  hospital for months with Nil income?
Accredited Operators  are audited by an RMS approved transport auditor every 3 years to insure they are adhering to all RMS operating conditions that cover various areas of operation from registration insurance vehicle maintenance driver management policies procedures etc
Passengers if doubtful should  ask for the operators accreditation number and if concerned a copy of their public liability policy. If the operator is conveying children it advised you ask for the working with children clearance number. When working with child care groups we at Shire Shuttle Bus have supplied the School and/or Day Care Principal with the drivers Working with Children Clearance Number.  My advice to future passengers is it pays in the terms of safety and overall protection of your welfare to always use Accredited Transport Operators.

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