Keep It In The Shire

There are many advantages that come with operating a local shuttle bus. Shuttle bus services can be advantageous for all stakeholders, including the operators, drivers, passengers, and local businesses.

One clear advantage is that Shuttle services offer transportation for residents in local suburbs which may not be on any train line or which receive little or no government bus service. There are several suburbs in the Shire region such as Grays Point, Yarrawarrah and Oyster Bay which fit this category. Many of these suburbs also have significant elder populations, indicating an even greater need for a local shuttle service.

Another advantage that comes with local shuttle services is that they help grow other business because they serve primarily the one area.  Operators and drivers  become frequent customers of other local businesses, including gas stations, coffee shops, take out shops, among others. Some of the local businesses Shire Shuttle Bus supports and uses include: Pender’s Auto Service in Sutherland and Southern Sydney Mechanical in Caringbah for vehicle maintenance, 7/11 Sutherland for fuel, EnviroWash in Kirrawee for cleaning buses, CJ’s Convenience Store in South Cronulla for staff amenities, Brass Monkey and Club Cronulla for staff functions, The Loaded Brush in Cronulla for keeping staff in top appearance, Cronulla Beach Pharmacy for staff medication, and many more. This improves the local economy through frequent transactions.  Potential customers for the shuttle services can also be created through this process. There is an unwritten expectation for people to use Shire services and to keep the money in the Shire. Thus we encourage all our customers to keep it in the Shire!

As safety is a priority, drivers will always take passengers directly to their homes, instead of at bus terminals which can be of significant distance to the person’s home and can often necessitate another mode of transportation, and can be a safety hazard at night.

Local bus services are advantageous in the sense that due to the close contact passengers have with the driver (unlike larger bus services), they can get to know one another and become frequent customers. Many passengers will incidentally often have skills that can be of use to the business

Shuttle services are advantageous for group travel as they eliminate the need to rent cars, locate directions or to carpool. Through this, they can prove to be both immensely reductive in terms of time and cost  for groups. As a result of this reduction, a group’s carbon footprint can also be somewhat reduced.

Also in regard to group/corporate transport, studies have shown that frequent driving can have negative impacts upon the health of employees and can reduce their productivity at work. Therefore, to utilise a shuttle bus service and help to somewhat reduce this.

Travelling with shuttle services can also be far more comfortable than using public buses or larger private lines. You don’t have to worry about waiting in queues or riding on an old bus with uncomfortable seats. You’ll be guaranteed to be riding in a modern vehicle fit with air conditioning, comfortable seats, and with a driver who can be guaranteed to take you the least lengthy and tedious route to your destination.

Along with safety and comfort, shuttle services make hygiene a priority. Passengers can be guaranteed that the bus will be as clean as possible and will often be scented with a pleasant aroma, all to make the journey more enjoyable.

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