Sample Something Spectacular with Shire Shuttle Bus. Partake in a Wine Tasting Tour on the Shoalhaven Coast.

Along the southern border is a narrow strip of land – stuffed with white-sand beaches, grassy headlands, and rainforest canopies. This collection of natural wonders is known as the Shoalhaven Coast and from its ever-changing terrains comes the region’s boldest flavours. Dramatic reds and delicate whites are found in the countless local vineyards, drawing travellers from across the country.

Shire Shuttle Bus knows that these travellers require an efficient way to explore the area. This is why we provide wine tours on the Shoalhaven Coast, connecting passengers to the safe, secure, and fun experiences they deserve. To learn more about our services, contact Peter Berry and Lucy today.

Shire Shuttle Bus: About Us
Since 2006, Shire Shuttle Bus has served as the region’s premier provider of Shoalhaven Coast wine tours. We’re committed to excellence, offering passengers superior service and vast local knowledge. Our drivers – all accredited by the Bus Authority and adequately insured – ensure that every trip proves as perfect as the Chardonnay.

Each of the wine tasting tours on the Shoalhaven Coast is tailored to luxury: combining spectacular views, delicious flavours, and easy transportation. To learn more send us an enquiry today.

Our Shoalhaven Coast Wine Tasting Tours
Shire Shuttle Bus celebrates the tastes of New South Wales – by offering wine tours on the Shoalhaven Coast. We lead passengers through a series of unforgettable experiences, letting them explore the region’s many Cabernets, Chambourcins, and Verdelhos.

Our Shoalhaven Coast wine tasting tours offer:

  • Morning tea at the historic Panorama House.
  • A visit to the famed Coolangatta Estate.
  • A tasting at Two Figs Winery.
  • A tour of the Silos Estate.
  • Lunch at Alexander’s Restaurant.
  • Shopping at The Treat Factory, and more!

Wine tasting tours on the Shoalhaven Coast deliver incredible flavours and picturesque views, proving perfect for those craving a luxurious afternoon.

To ensure the success of Shoalhaven Coast wine tours, Shire Shuttle Bus limits each excursion to 24 passengers. This allows our team to provide more intimate experiences, placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Choosing Wine Tasting Tours on the Shoalhaven Coast: Pricing
Shire Shuttle Bus believes that travellers deserve both exquisite service and fair pricing. That is why our Shoalhaven Coast wine tours are only $95.00 per guest, with this cost delivering access to award-winning vineyards, direct transfers, and unique photo opportunities.

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There are many Shoalhaven Coast wine tasting tours. There is only one Shire Shuttle Bus, however, and our excursions promise quality with every mile. The extraordinary flavours are surpassed only by our exceptional service.

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