From Bachelorette Parties to Fun Weekend Outings: Shire Shuttle Bus Offers Private Group Wine Tasting Tours in Sydney

Whether you are trying to plan the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party, or simply looking for a fun weekend outing to enjoy with friends or family, Shire Shuttle Bus can help. Though perhaps known first and foremost as an airport transfer company, Shire Shuttle Bus also offers group wine tours throughout Sydney. If you are looking to enjoy the beauty of the south coast area while also sampling some of the best vintages in the region, our small, intimate wine tours are the perfect way to take in the experience.

The Shire Shuttle Bus Difference
As Sydney has grown as a wine destination, more and more companies have begun offering Sydney wine tours. Often, though, these tours are big and bustling, using huge buses to chauffeur large groups from one spot to the next. And while it can be fun to take a wine tour with strangers and make new friends with similar interests, for some functions, you are going to want a more private, intimate experience.

Fortunately, the intimate experience is our specialty at Shire Shuttle Bus. The wine tasting tours we provide in the Sydney area are deliberately designed with small groups in mind. We cap each tour off at 24 passengers, and our versatile fleet of vehicles makes it possible for us to provide even smaller wine tours, depending on your preference.

The Advantages of a Small and Private Sydney Wine Tour
There are numerous reasons to limit the size of a group wine tour in Sydney. Some of those reasons are personal and will depend on you and why you are taking a wine tour in the first place. Other reasons are logistical, and impact the overall quality and feel of the tour itself. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might choose Shire Shuttle Bus for your next Sydney group wine tour.

• You can enjoy a private outing with friends or family. A couple taking a wine tour is more likely to enjoy being part of a larger group than a pre-assembled group. If you are planning a wine tasting outing for a family reunion function or a bachelorette party, you already have your own group laid out, and you would probably rather enjoy the company of just those people than have to interact much with people you’ve never met. At Shire Shuttle Bus, we can provide wine tours in Sydney that are tailored to your group.

• You get better, more personal customer service. It’s tough to develop a rapport with your tour guide and driver if you are just one of 50 people on a wine tour. At Shire Shuttle Bus, by capping our wine tours to smaller groups, we are able to put an emphasis on more personal customer service—something that our parties consistently praise about our tours!

• You don’t waste as much time. When there are 50 people on a wine tour, getting everyone off the bus, giving everyone enough time to enjoy their wine tasting and then making sure everyone has boarded again before heading off to the next destination can eat up a lot of time. The logistics of a small party are much easier to manage, which means more time drinking wine and less time twiddling your thumbs on the bus.

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