Private Group Tours Sydney

Book Private Group Tours in Sydney Just for You and Your Friends

Our private group tours around Sydney are an ideal way to see the landmarks and spend quality time with family and friends. Whether you are coming off a cruise, are in between flights, or want to start your holiday with a memorable experience, our selection of tours caters to a wide variety of interests.

What You Can Expect from Shire Shuttle Bus for Personalised Group Tours in Sydney

We offer a friendly and reliable service with knowledgeable drivers who ensure that you have an outstanding tour. A few other benefits you can expect:

  • Various tours are available with multiple experiences. We cater to a variety of interests with our selection of tours. You can enjoy the relaxing surroundings of wineries, escape to the Blue Mountains, or adventure from the rainforest to the sea. We also have tours available around the iconic sights of Sydney, such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach, and the option to take a two-day trip to the Snowy Mountains.
  • Get to places where larger buses canā€™tgetto: Shire Shuttle Bus has the ability to get to difficult and unusual locations that other companies fail to access. The reason being is that Shire Shuttle has a multitude of bus sizes ranging from 8 to 24 passenger seated vehicles.
  • You can enjoy the convenience of door-to-door service. Our drivers can pick you up from your hotel, airport, port, or any chosen location. This convenient pickup ensures that your entire tour party gets to travel and reach your destination together. We provide a reliable service with safe and comfortable transport.
  • Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the Sydney area. We are an Accredited Charter Tour Company, and our drivers know the local area inside out. You will get quality information and a professional tour service that is tailored to your needs. Our drivers are friendly and engaging with our guests, so you will feel like you are touring around with a friend.

Problems Our Small Group Tours in Sydney Can Address

You can go where you want and see what you want with our small group tours. Learn exactly how we put your mind at ease.

  • Select the duration you want to be on tour: We have short tours around the iconic sights of Sydney for when you are waiting for a flight as well as one- and two-day tours. Our services are flexible– for example, if not everyone wants to go to the final destination, we can drop some people off along the way and pick them up on the return trip.
  • We secure your luggage: After stepping off a cruise, no-one wants to carry a big suitcase around while seeing the sights or heading down to the beach, which is why we have a secure, padlocked trailer for storing your luggage. You can enjoy your tour with free hands and no worries about your property being damaged or stolen.
  • We take care of the details: We will help to plan your tour and ensure that you have all the information, tickets, and reservations that you need to make your experience stress-free and positive.

One of the benefits of our smaller tour buses is that we can get to amazing but lesser-known hidden gems that larger coaches may struggle to access.

Why Choose Shire Shuttle Bus?

We cater to our guests with a reliable and safe personalised tour that takes into account the destination that you choose. From the moment you book a tour, we will take care of all the little details such as liaising with wineries. Our drivers are professional, friendly, and ready to show you another side of Sydney. Contact us today to book your tour and see what Sydney has to offer.